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Posted on 2012.01.01 at 17:27
Aims for last year and this new year!

Last year!

1. Finish Laughing Octopus
Whilst there are some small details missing, and a number of things I
could improve (when are there ever not?), GiggleSquid was to all intents
and purposes completed and debuted at Ayacon. Whilst I missed out on a
prize there, the reaction was very positive and I received a Cosplay
Island showcase later in the year. I am proud of my work on such an
ambitious project, unlike anything else I've made before.

2. Get back under 70kg and stay there
I don't know, though I suspect I'm not there now. Our scale fritzes and
tells me I'm either 9kg or 135kg. However, I'm definitely more toned, so
I'm going to count this as a near-win.

3. Regular scheduled exercise
Though illness & injury have stopped it being strictly once a week for
the last couple of months, I now attend regular Muay Thai classes.

4. Make an item of regular clothing
Cheated just a *touch*, as I made it as part of an original costume
concept as well, but since I never wore the costume and DID wear it as
normal clothing I say it qualifies.

5. Suck less at being a pagan
Nope nope nope. But I paid a visit to the statues of Sekhmet in the
British Museum and felt... something, so here's hoping for next year.

6. Be less silly about girl clothes
Have happily bought and worn several items of outright feminine
clothing. Would have been more but this year's styles weren't to my

7. Improve posture
Thank you Muay Thai :)

8. Decorate at least one room
I blame Eurocosplay.

9. Pet Softcat
Several times!

10. Not die
I think I can safely say I managed this every single day of 2011 XD


1. Stick with the exercise! It's good for you! Bonus stage: full splits.

2. Don't let the degree go to waste! Read more classic literature
instead of trashy horror novels all the time.

3. Take more care over fit & finish of serious costumes! Joke & fun ones
are less important, though doing it on them would also be good.

4. Suck less at being a pagan! Do a better job than last year and the
year before when this was a goal too.

5. Hug every cat
Can't hug every cat. So...
5. Take Phil for granted less! Him being in Cambridge most of the time
should help with this, time with him will seem more precious. Apply also
to other loved ones.

6. Rekindle some of the knowledge of French & German before it all
vanishes from memory! Some dual text novels would help.

7. Watch more good films! Absence of weekday Phil allows for more cinema
& DVD time.

8. Achieve the fabled laundry basket zero! In other words do laundry
more often. Also clean things more & better.

9. Finish at least one of the costumes that's been in progress for over
a year! Contenders being Saki, Taki, Xiahou and Neko-sensei! Also finish
Fugue's boots and gauntlets.

10. Play with cats! As many as possible!

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