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Posted on 2012.01.01 at 17:27
Aims for last year and this new year!
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end of year meme

Posted on 2011.12.31 at 18:16
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Posted on 2011.11.04 at 17:38
Soooo... I know I said I only wanted simple costumes from now on but I changed my mind a little.

What I actually want, I've decided, is simple short term projects for fun, and ONE more serious long term project that I can work on over the course of the year, like I did with Squid. So I still have some challenges but less stress, and something to give me a real sense of achievement at the end.

The trouble is the big project has to be something I'm passionate enough about to keep going with it and I'm not falling in love with anything enough yet. I'm eyeing Wang Yi from Dynasty Warriors as a possibility but haven't totally fallen for it. Astarosthe is a possibility but I'll be honest, I've lost a little enthusiasm for doing it, perhaps because I'm not really sure it will suit my figure (I have to do it some day really as I have a commissioned wig...). I've also been keeping an eye out for fabrics for it for over 2 years and still haven't found a lace I like.

It's weird, I'm fired up to make SOMETHING, it's just that nothing I already had plans for is pushing the right buttons. So I'm very open to suggestions right now! So many female costumes seem dependant on showing midriff or thigh tops, which are bits of me I don't generally like ;_; thigh I can hide with dance tights but not belleh. Exposed tummy makes me really self conscious and probably will do until I have abs like Julie Kitchen.

I'm even kind of "feh" about most of my other planned costumes so if there's one you like tell me which and I'll see if I can remotivate myself.

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No free zip is worth this!

Posted on 2011.10.05 at 10:52
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
I mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook, but I didn't go into the detail of exactly how weird it was :/ Oh LJ, you are truly the best forum for this.

I needed a trouser zip for my King costume and I really wanted it ASAP so I could get going, because there's not that much time left and I still have Laughing Beauty to make. So I figured I would check to see if there are any haberdahsheries near work that I could pop into on my lunch break. Google furnished me with an address and I went to check it out.

It's a bit of a walk from work, about 10min, and in a largely residential-estate area. A touch shady perhaps but not that bad. But the place itself was up a set of almost totally dark, dingy, graffiti-covered stairs, above a kebab shop. The entrance was labelled by a scrawled marker-pen notice directly onto a door. Welp, I wasn't over-happy with that, but I decided to go and check it out anyway as it might be a hidden gem.

Erm... well. It turned out to be a wholesaler, so they obviously aren't really expecting to deal with the public, thus everything was just in tatty cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling. I figured they might be like Barnett & Lawson and prepared to deal to the public, so I stuck my head in the office and asked. Two scruffy middle-aged men are sitting there.

"For you, luv, yeah".

Well, OK. I'm not the biggest fan of being called "luv" by people I don't know, but hey. I need a zip. They find me a zip. "There you go luv. On the house, since it's your first time".

I'm not comfortable with not paying for things. I ask, "don't you want any money or anything for this?"

One of the men leers and says "Don't start offering 'anything', you know? I'm sure I could think of something."

Erp. Poor choice of words there Kitten. Never mind. It's inappropriate and more than a bit creepy, but he's probably just having a giggle, I suspect they don't see that many youngish females. I say, "Well, thank you, if you're sure."

He says, "Do you do drugs?"

Wait, what? "Er, no".

"You sure? You can have the zip for 10grams of charlie".

DDDDDDD: SorrywaitwhatthinkI'llbeleavingnowkthxbye

Cut and run. ALMOST certainly just a couple of chaps with an inappropriate sense of humour (if nothing else, I'm pretty sure the street value for cocaine is rather higher than a 10cm zip is worth), but in a very dingy place where it would be VERY easy to overpower me and have nobody notice at all, I was not in the slightest bit comfortable with what they were saying. Ugh. I got a free zip out of it, but next time I need one I'm waiting til the weekend and going to the lovely cosy Wool Shop in Borehamwood that is run by elderly ladies!

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Posted on 2011.09.02 at 10:49
Ayacon is over. It was good. Although as usual there were people I barely got to see, people I missed entirely, events I missed entirely... Sunday was pretty crazy as I was involved in so much stuff that I barely even had time to take part in the photoshoot *I* organised! Gah. I love helping out and having loads of friends but sometimes I kind of miss going to cons to actually do more con-stuff than just the masquerade. And I went and made some MORE new friends just to make things even worse.

Squid was finished, yeah-bob. I am happy with it. I might still remake parts of it, but not for a while yet.

Also Phil got the Eurocosplay qualififying place :D which means he is now sleepwalking'n'talking like WHOA and I am not getting good sleep! Damn you all!

However this entry is kind of about something else, I just wanted to let people know that if they're having trouble at the moment and I seem distant and unwilling to help, it's nothing personal - I am currently working on my own issues and I'm afraid I simply don't have the energy to help someone else right now. At the moment my temper's a little short and I'm getting easily frustrated so if I try to help out I risk getting it all horribly wrong. I don't need any help or sympathy, I am dealing OK, it just means I can't deal with anyone else's issues on top. Still love you.

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Posted on 2011.08.12 at 10:52
Cosplay plans!

Friday: Maybe King from KoF... depends if I get something else done for the dance.

Saturday: Shion from Higurashi, also Gigglesquid for masquerade and judging

Sunday: Mature from KoF
Dance: Either something original or King.


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Posted on 2011.07.18 at 18:54

I get so sad when people keep saying LJ is dead and nobody uses it. THIS IS A LIE. I know lots of you still read it - but I suspect, like me, now that we're not all students any more with enough free time to update with all the exciting things we're doing with our lives, the lack of updates is more due to a lack of things to say >_<

After all, if I updated every day, it would read like : "Went to work, read some papers. Thought about cats for a bit. Wrote the odd email. Played with my phone when bored. Came home. Napped. Ate dinner. Watched TV. Bed." Because I'm a real adult now, and most real adults have regular and not very exciting routines to their lives.

Added to this is the fact that this MARVELLOUS little site called CosplayIsland has this GRAND little feature of journals for costumes, and the cosplay updates on LJ become slightly redundant.

I like Twitter because it's perfect for throwing out the odd random thought. I use Facebook a little more now because I can do it on my phone. But frankly I still prefer LJ to either of them, because I prefer longform updates even if they're less frequent, and very importantly, it allows me to use filters. Sometimes I only want certain people to see certain things, and Facebook and Twitter fail horribly for that. And also, LJ was how I got to know most of you, so I refuse to abandon it.

Thus: I present to you, a somewhat general update on my life (may or may not be interesting):

SUBJECT THE FIRST: Martial arts & healthCollapse )

SUBJECT THE SECOND: The Lakes and the Car CurseCollapse )

SUBJECT THE THIRD: Cosplay and AyaconCollapse )
I am involved in STUFF at Ayacon!!

As well as dragging a buncha tentacles around, I will be helping out with some events. I will probably be running assistance at Phil & Tab's electronics panel, which is scheduled for Saturday I believe. I will also be modelling for Chevi's makeup panel on Sunday morning, and we're still working out the kinks but I should be running a charity cosplay Bring & Buy on Sunday afternoon. Dis yore chance to get rid of old fabrics/costumes/wigs that you now look back on and go "what was I thinking?!", making space in your stores for MORE fabrics/costumes/wigs, and the bonus is that you are also helping charity through your shameless addiction to fabric/costumes/wigs.
When all the details have been ironed out I shall spam the information on all available fora and networks.

FINALLY we have been in the house for a year and have redecorated NOTHING. But both the front and back gardens are somewhat tidier. Honestly. It is the fault of EuroCosplay.

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The workplace

Posted on 2011.07.05 at 10:47
Eeesh... hearing about everybody's work (or looking-for-work) woes at the moment, it's such a shame that so many of my favourite people are having such trouble.

I have to say that as a result of it all it is making me appreciate my workplace a great deal. (I'm not trying to rub it in, just noting that I am extremely grateful). On our floor at least - we have a casual dresscode, the floor as a whole has a great sense of humour, we have Rodney The Wonderchef and his subsidised café, there's a certain amount of flexibility in terms of hours, they're understanding about illness etc.

About the most serious it gets is the meeting we had yesterday where one of the bosses said "please don't take the piss in meetings with the floor downstairs, they don't have a sense of humour like us k gaiz"!

So yeah. I whine about running out of work, and it is frustrating when that happens because it just feels like a waste of everybody's time, but generally I <3 my workplace lots and I wish everybody else could work in a place like it.


What martial arts mean to me

Posted on 2011.06.01 at 17:49
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
I have time to post! And fittingly it is the "dead time" I have between the end of work and the beginning of Muay Thai class ;) Normally I faff about on the internet or sew during this time but today you get a post.

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Posted on 2011.05.26 at 22:17
I have a biggish post that I've been writing in my head about new things in my life but can't find the damn time to type it up! I will get around to it. It's nothing all that exciting, just to do with taking up martial arts again, but I want to write it. But I am too sleepy right now to do it and have it make actual sense...

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